Brown trout adventure

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Brown trout 
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This is fishing in best brown trout rivers in Estonia.

During your trip we visit clear creeks and fast-running rivers, wild nature and beautiful countryside and chase wild Estonian brown trout.

We customize all our trips according to your wishes, what means that it is your choice how many days your trip last, where you spend your night and what kind of fishing spots you visit (deep in wild nature, easily accessible, in some concrete area, etc.)


But some things are always the same:

  • We buy all the fishing licenses for you
  • Pick you up from Tallinn airport and take you back to the city, when trip ends
  • And lend all the necessary fishing equipment, fishing flies and tent and other    equipment if necessary




There are three options:

  • Cozy tourism farm near the fishing zone. Every fisherman has a nice and clean room without luxury, but with opportunity to visit hot sauna after fishing day and have barbecue on the back yard.
  •  Camping at the river shore. This is for the fishermen who are adventures and want to experience wild nature night sounds, bonfire and sleeping in fresh air.
  •  Mixture of camping and tourism farm. Some days in tidy room and some days, when we fish several days in wilder spots, in tent.


Duration of the trip:

Although it is your choice how many days you spend with us, we always recommend to take at least 4 full days for fishing, best would be 7 days. There are many different must-fish brown trout rivers and two main zones for fishing. When you fish only in one of them, then your fishing experience in Estonia will be more or less half.


Size of the fishing group:

We don’t put limits to the size of the group. There can be only one person or 4 fishing buddies for example. Although, when the group is bigger, then we use two guides and split the group to two smaller groups. We do it, because rivers are rather small and brown trout is very shy and selective. When there are too many fishermen in one spot, we just scare the fish.


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One day fishing trip:

Either you are on a business trip or on a family vacation and you can't spend more than one day for fishing, then this option might be for you.

Estonia is unique, because wild nature is quite close to the civilization. In many countries you have to travel hundreds of kilometers to get to unmolested spots. In Estonia, best brown trout rivers are approximately 150 kilometers from Tallinn or Tartu.Due that you can wake up in the city center of Tallinn in the morning, spend one great day in wilderness and in the evening be back in your hotel.

One day trips, typically last 8-10 hours from when we meet in the morning until we return to the city at the end of the day. We include complimentary use of equipment such as rods, reels, waders, and boots and all the flies you need for the day. Either bring your own gear or just use ours – all you have to do is show up with some appropriate clothing - we’ll take care of the rest.

We will get fishing license to you, pick you up with our car and lend suitable fishing equipment to you.

During the day, we will visit one river which offers best fishing on that day. You will spend great day in the nature, you will get to know about Estonian wild life and fishing and probably see some nice fishes too.



Due to the fact, that all out trips are customized based on your wishes, we don't have concrete price for the package. Let us know about your wishes and we will tell you the price of yor fishing trip.


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