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 Good size brown trout

 If you are a fisherman who wants to discover our fishing waters on your own


Although we recommend taking guide at least for few days, to shorten the learning curve of fishing in new conditions, but it is not compulsory and it is completely fine, when you decide not to take.We know that there are many fishermen who want to stay in one spot during whole trip and don't need guide for whole time or just feel more comfortable fishing alone.

Still it is complicated to find all the hidden and secret spots on your own, that's why we decided to compose self-guided fishing package. It makes your fishing trip much easier and helps to save your money.


There are several opportunities for self-guided fishing trip:


Brown trout route

Our guides compose fishing route according to your wishes, with best brown trout fishing spots.

Lake fishing holiday

You can spend your fishing days at the shore of the best pike lakes. We will book nice fishing lodge for you and you will get comfortable fishing boat.

Mixture of guided and self-guided trip

This is what many fisherman groups do. Often fishing take place in several fishing zones during the trip and it is wise to use guiding for first day of every zone. Just to see the spots and get to know about trick and tips from a guide. 


Every trip package consists of the following things:

  • Fishing route with description of every fishing spot
  • Detailed road and nature maps, which help you to find fishing spot very easily
  • Cheap rental car. For smaller groups Renault Megane sedan and Opel minivan for bigger groups
  • Accommodation booking from our side. You will get cozy lodge or tourism farm near to the fishing zone
  • All the necessary fishing equipment, fishing flies, tables and chairs, tents and barbecue tools, if necessary


 It works like that...

We will meet you in Tallinn. Have good welcome meal together in the city, look through the fishing plan and route and after receiving last tips about fishing from our guide, you are ready to go.You will get rental car with all the necessary equipment, maps and fishing route and we meet again after your holiday in the same spot.

Throughout your trip you are more than welcome to call us and let us know about your fishing results and ask help, if you trouble with finding any the fishing spot.


Due to the fact, that all out trips are customized based on your wishes, we don't have concrete price for the package. Let us know about your wishes and we will tell you the price of yor fishing trip.


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