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Main reasons for coming to Estonia for fishing are brown trout and fishing in wilderness. Brown trout here is natural, with very beautiful color; fish is very strong and sometimes extremely selective. Precise casts, light movement of the fisherman and right equipment and fly are the keys to success.

Feel free to read more about fishing in Estonia from our site. For further information, just contact us and we will answer to all of your questions.


What to expect



Rivers and stretches where we fish are quite easily fishable, but sometimes it might be tight and you need to make very precise casts, to avoid hooking a tree or grass. Fishing and casting are not that easy as it is in some Western-Europe river, because it is fishing in wild nature in this sentence best meaning. That's why we always tell to our clients, that after your trip you will become better fisherman.


Wading or fishing at the shore?

Most of the fishing take place at the river shore, but there are still rivers and stretches where wading is possible, preferred or necessary.


Sight- or blind fishing?

Color of the most rivers is rather dark and that's why fishing is blind, but there are rivers which have very clear water and you can sometimes see the fish. Of course you can also spot the fish when it rises to the surface.


What type of fly?

We are mainly that kind of fly fisherman who prefers to do dry fly fishing. It is not possible always and in every river, but still when you know right spots and right periods it is possible almost throughout the season.

In many rivers, fish isn't very active at the surface. It is possible to chase smaller to medium size fish with dry fly almost always, but bigger fish will come to surface only during bigger hatches. In other times, streamer or nymph will do the job.

Luckily there are some amazing rivers, where fish is active on surface all day long and throughout the season. What makes fishing there most thrilling is the fact that even big and very big fish is rising to the small flies.

In conclusion, it is possible to do dry fly fishing in Estonia quite well, especially, when weather is good. If it is colder than usually or it is raining, then nymph or streamers are the only way.

If you want to know about average sizes or more about Estonian fishes, then you find more information from THIS LINK.



Fishing waters


We mainly fish with our clients in two zones, where best brown trout waters in Estonia are. Of course we will visit pike lakes and rivers as well, if you are interested in that fish. If you want to chase brown trout with a change to hook chub or Id, then there are some nice stretches in South-Estonia, what we can visit.

Unfortunately we can't names of these rivers, because those are secret and hidden spots and we try to protect these stretches from unwanted fishermen, with other words illegal fishermen, who might visit our fishing site as well.

Rivers in first fishing zone are rather wide and they are located in big forests. They have nice rapids, rocky bottom and beautiful surrounding. You can see different wild animals during your fishing day, even finding a bear track isn't very rare. Beside brown trout, you have big change to catch grayling as well.

Rivers in second zone are little smaller, but deeper, with clear spring water. Rivers are located in big swamps in the middle of wild nature. It takes rather long hike, to get to the river, but it is always worth it. Only fish in these rivers is brown trout, but fish is really beautiful and strong. It must be said, that fish in this area is very selective and careful, but when you do everything right, then reward can be big.


Best time for fishing


Best time for chasing brown trout is summer season.

It starts usually in the beginning of May, when water levels are back in normal and ends with the beginning of brown trout closed season in 15th of September

During the season, there are some special peak times. One of them is of course mayfly hatch, what is like Christmas for Estonian fly fisherman. Mayfly hatch usually starts in beginning of June and lasts till third week of June in some rivers, but it might vary every year.

Second one is warm mid-summer period, when big fish is active before darkness and during the night - chasing mainly different kind of sedges. Third one is summer end and the beginning of autumn, when trout is feeding for winter.

Plus there are some special hatches which vary from river to river, but fishing during these days can be very "fishy".

In conclusion, generally brown trout fishing is great throughout the season, but there are some certain short-periods, which spice it up your trip, when you come during these days.


What to bring list  


Here's my equipment check list so you can make sure you have all the right fly fishing equipment you'll need.



Here are some must-have flies for Estonia. This is not full list; you can let to prepare special flies selection for you. It consist of main fishing flies what you need and the price for that is very reasonable. 



Adams, CDC Emerger, Black Gnat, Humpy's Selection, CDC Emerger, Klinks Special And Black, Black And Peacock, Blue Dun, Sedges (Brown Sedge, Kings River Sedge, Goddard Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis), March Brown, Mosquito, Stimulator, Wulff Royal, Long Leg Daddy, Black Beetle, Comparadun Brown, Hendrickson Light, Wickhams Fancy + Different Mayflies



Hares Ear WTD, Pheasant Tail WTD, Hares Ear G.H, Czech NMS (Brown, Amber, Cream), Shrimps, Brassie Red G.H, BH Rainbow Prince, Hares Ear Black Twinkle G.H, Mayfly WTD, Stoneflies



Woolly Bugger (Black, Brown), Mickey Finn, Muddler Minnow, Muddler Marabou, Marabou Black, Leech, Zonker, Matuka, Tinsel, Little Brown Trout


Wet flies

Alder, Bibio, Green Peter, Greenwells Glory, Black Spider, Hares Ear, March Brown, Iron Blue Dun, Wickhams Fancy, Hardy's Favourite  



Fly Lines

Make sure you do have one dull colored floating fly line with you. Some rivers are very clear and brown there; spot any bright colored fly line and that will be that! For other rivers, usual fly lines are suitable. 


Leaders and Tippets

Longer leaders are recommended for most of the rivers, especially for clear waters . Tippets between 0,16-0,18 mm with test 2-3 kg covers most situations. Still leader with 0,20 tippet can be necessary.  


Fly Rods

A 5 weight fly rod is what I recommend as a general fly rod for fishing our local conditions. Personally I use 4 weight for dry fly fishing and 6s for nymph and streamer fishing and in bigger rivers or in windy days. 


Fly Reels

No special requirements. 



Most of the fishing take place at the shore of the river, still there are stretches or rivers, where wading is possible or necessary. Light and breathable waders are important, especially because rivers shores are often wet or we need to cross smaller streams during the day. Also take gravel/mud guards with you, because in some areas we will see a lot of mud. 



The weather in Estonia can be changeable so bring clothing for both warm and cool conditions; all clothing should be dull colored to blend with the natural environment. Make sure, that you have waterproof fishing jacket with you and suitable clothes for cold and hot days. 



Polaroid sunglasses; Hat with a wide brim or cap; Sun cream, Insect repellent, Waterproof bag (for camera or cell phone), landing net, chemicals (floatant, line cleaning liquid).





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