Most interesting fishes in Estonia

Brown trout - Grayling - Pike - Chub - Ide

 Brown trout 
 Mayfly period brownie
 Small but beautiful trout
 Beautiful brown trout
 Grayling in water
 Pike with lure
 Pikes from a sea
 Big Ide

Brown trout

Most interesting fish for a fishing tourist and our local fly fishermen.

It is mainly because our brown trout is natural, very strong and selective and with beautiful color. Also daily catch and fish size can be very remarkable in certain rivers and stretches.

Brown trout is very common in rivers of Estonia, because it inhabitants more than 90 rivers. Brown trout lives in fast-running streams and also in slower clear creeks. Most effective time for trout-fishing is from late April to mid-September.  

Best time for fly fishing is mayfly season: from the end of May till half of June.

Most of the fishing for brown trout takes place in the early mornings and in evenings.  

Although in July, it is very interesting and effective to fish during the night. Exfoliation of caddis larva’s makes fish very active during that time.

Trout fishing in winter time is also possible and sometimes with very good results.



  • Minimum size - 36 cm (L)
  • Brown trout has closed season from 15.09 to 01.02
  • Largest brown trout ever caught- 6, 25 kg/78 cm. There are rumors about 9, 2 kg brown trout


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Grayling is very common in some Estonian rivers.  In recent years, population of grayling has noticeably increased. In some stretches, catching more than 20 graylings per day is quite common. Grayling likes rivers with clean, cool and transparent water, but there must be some rapids. Grayling’s menu consists of insects, small fishes and also many kinds of larva’s.

Best time for catching grayling is from the end of May to August.

Grayling fishing is one of the most enjoyable fly fishing experiences. Unfortunately, grayling fishing is prohibited in Estonia, but catch and release-type of fishing is still allowed.


  • Grayling is very common in several rivers
  • Usual size is 0,3 to 0,8 kg
  • Biggest grayling ever caught in Estonia -1,7 kg
  • Only C&R allowed in Estonia



Pike is most widespread fish in Estonia. It is almost impossible to find lake or river, where this fish don’t live. Population of pike has been stable and high over many decades. Pike can survive almost everywhere, even in those ponds, which freezes till the bottom during winter. Pike’s menu contains usually smaller fishes, frogs and lobsters, but sometimes bigger pikes attacks even birds. Pike spawns in April.

After spawning, which usually ends in the beginning of May, best time of pike fishing begins. Second good period for catching a pike is from the end of the September till the icing of water bodies.


  • Inhabitants in rivers, lakes, ponds and in sea
  • Biggest pike ever caught in Estonia- 36,5 kg
  • Closed season: 15.03-10.05 (lakes and rivers), 15.03-1.05(sea)



Chub is very smart and strong fish – that makes this fish very interesting for fly fisherman in certain periods during the season.

In rivers of South- Estonia Chub is very common and its population is high. Best time for chub-fishing is spring and early summer,  also in August and September. From the middle of May to mid of June Chub is in rapids. On that time that fish bites fly very eagerly. Chub fishing in scenic rivers of South- Estonia is real pleasure.


  • Chub don’t have closed season and minimum size
  • Biggest Chub ever caught in Estonia is 6, 4 kilograms
  • Average weight is from 0, 8 to 1 kilogram.



Comparably similar to Chub and also interesting fish for fly fisherman. Ide is very common in some of the brown trout rivers and it isn’t rare to hook this fish with dry fly during the summer.

Best time for fishing Ide is from early spring to late summer. One interesting time for catching this fish is mayfly period.

Mayfly hatch is starting in bigger and warmer non-brown trout rivers already in the end of May. During the hatch big ide’s are rising for the flies in schools and if the fisherman is in a right spot in a right time, then catches might be really good. Las summer I hooked 4 fishes with 1 hour in one rather large river in Middle-Estonia. All of these fishes were bigger than 2 kg.  


  • Usual size is 35- 45 cm
  • Minimum size- 32 cm (L)
  • Average Ide size in Estonia is 1,0 – 1,5 kg

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