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Greetings and welcome to our Guide Site!

Estfly is first fishing tourism company and fishing guide service provider in Estonia. Estfly founders and managers are three passionate fly fishermen: Alan, Erki and Vahur.

Our aim is to introduce beautiful Estonian nature, fishing waters and fishing opportunities to fisherman from abroad.

Our priority is client's satisfaction and best quality in arranging fishing trips.  

At Estfly, we recognize the fact that at the end of the trip, the most important factor in your enjoyment is the quality of our guides.

Feel free to approach us with your questions and inquiries. Based on your wishes, we will compose suitable fishing holiday for you.


Happy fisherman after a good day Fast photo and back to the water  Estfly guides in winter 2011


Our fishing guides


Whether you are a novice looking to learn the basics or a seasoned angler in search of new secrets, our guide staff will personally tailor a best fly fishing experience, what Estonia hast to offer for you.

Our guides are all professionals that have fished most of their life at the rivers of Estonia. We cater to clients with skill levels ranging from expert fly anglers to folks that have never held a rod of any kind. As a result, our guides are well adapted to adjusting their techniques and coaching to all of our guests, regardless of skill level.

These guys below spend most of their days in fishing waters and know every known or hidden fishing spot in Estonia. They are more than happy to guide you during your fishing holiday in Estonia.

Below is brief autobiography of our guides:


Guide Vahur 
 Guide Alan
 Guide Erki


 Vahur Mäe, Estfly head-guide

Vahur is true fly fishing lunatic and nature guy.  He believes that during summer season he is at the river most of the days, but he says, that after the end of season he always feels, that it wasn't still enough.

Because of his adventures mind, he has found most hidden and secret brown trout spots in Estonia. It is rather common, that he packs his bag and fishing tackle, look out for interesting and unknown spot from the map, which situates deep in the woods or marsh and hike several days in wilderness to check the river out.

Besides good fishing experience in Estonia, he has gained valuable fishing experience and tips from other interesting fishing spots around the world, for example from New-Zealand, Russia, Slovenia and Finland.



Alan Koppel

Alan is a good fly fisherman and a brilliant fishing buddy.

He is that type of fisherman who loves details and believes, that success in fishing is the sum of small things. Fly fishing is not the place, where to make exceptions for the quality of fishing tackle, leaders, flies, or to any other detail, he believes.

Thanks to his good eye and knowledge, he always finds a hatch, rising fish or perfect spot for you.





Erki Leskinen

Besides good fly fishing skills, Erki is specialist in spinning and bait fishing as well. If his not at the trout waters, he is chasing pike or other predators with spinning or live bait.

Wide knowledge in fishing and nature he is interesting fishing guide for every angler.

If you are interested in lake fishing or spinning is your way of fishing, then he is brilliant guy for guiding you.

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