Summer 2013 fishing report

Summer 2013 

It was a lovely summer. One of the best I remember.

Nice and warm throughout the summer with occasional rain and thunderstorms.  Warm summer evenings offered good dry fly fishing and on rainy days fish went mad for a streamer.


Summer biggest event is mayfly hatch. Of course it is best time for fishing, but this is not the only thing why it is so important for me. This is the time when summer shows it’s most beautiful side. Nature is blooming, birds are singing, everything is as green as it can be and nights are so light that with clear skies you can read a book at the midnight. In the end of May and June weather was perfect. Clear skies and hot days were a good base for a very nice mayfly hatch.

Mayflies like bombers in the sky

And oh we had a good hatch this year

Only thing what I didn’t expect were that weeks of sunshine and high temperatures raised water temperatures up to 18-20 degrees.  Due that fish was rather passive in some rivers and stretches.


Beautiful eveningCrystal clear



















Other thing what long sunshine filled days caused was very low, but clear water conditions. Mostly Estonian rivers have brownish color, especially in the beginning of the summer. During the big hatch brown trout isn’t very selective. If you do a nice presentation, mayfly pattern is not so important. But as this year water was so clear, right fly were a key to success. To have bite from a big fish turned out to be a real challenge and I really enjoyed it.


Nice trout 

And we got some really nice trouts.


Large trout


Orange trout





Mid-Summer and caddis hatch

July is usually very warm and fish tend to eat during the night time. Because its bit cooler and also because caddis flies are out. I really enjoy fishing on that time.  I usually start fishing before sunset and finish in complete darkness. I use skating sedge technique and fish intensively stretches which I know so well that I could walk blind there and this is exactly what I need to do. I cast blind or by sound of a rise, and if I hear a splash I raise the rod tip. With this technique I often lose a lot of fishes, but still it is really fun and interesting.

Last July was very hot and fish feeding were concentrated to a period in complete darkness. And what I noticed, hotter the day were, more bites I got during the night time. Sometimes I got 30-40 hits per night and landed many 50+ cm trout’s what we consider trophy’s in Estonia.



Night time trout


Fish caught with caddis


Other days

If there isn’t any particular hatch going on, then fish is also eating. On nymphs, terrestrial flies or taking a streamer.  I fished throughout the summer. Most intensively during hatches, but also very often on the regular days. Altogether 60-70 times within 3 months.

 As summer where warm and fish usually passive during the daytimes, I always went to the river when there were some big change in weather. For example a thunderstorm. I remember one night on my favorite river when huge thunderstorm passed me. It was complete darkness, but lightning was so intensive, that I didn’t need to use my headlamp for walking. Pouring rain and lightning turned fish so active, that I had a hit with almost every cast and I landed among others one very nice 50+ cm brown trout. In obvious reasons I didn’t had chance to photograph this fish:)


After rainThunderstorm is reaching

















It was beautiful summer and one of the best fishing seasons of mine. I had some unforgettable moments together with my clients, together with my fishing buddies and on my own. Now I’m looking forward to a next season which is always better than the last one:)I hope to see you in Estonia and guide you to our best fishing waters.


Your guide, Vahur


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